3 Reasons You’re Dealing with Exhaust Leaks

It’s a wonderful day. You drive to work with your windows down. You’re ready to take on the world—at least until your car starts making weird noises again. Also, you start noticing that weird, unpleasant smell. If you haven’t guessed already, that might very well be a poisonous fume coming out of your engine and escaping into the atmosphere, even seeping inside your car. That means one thing: leaks.



According to How Stuff Works, damage to your exhaust system could be due to:

  1. Environmental Factors: Whenever you drive down that long winding road, over grassy fields or round the curve of rocky dirt road, your exhaust pipes get plenty of dirt and debris along with ice and snow. There’s even road salt to worry about. It’s certainly a harsh and dangerous world out there—at least for your pipes. No matter how careful you are, you won’t be able to control driving conditions.
  2. Engine Heat: Your engine combusts fuel to generate power. And that process also produces intense heat. Your exhaust parts are often exposed to high levels of temperature. And while standard factory parts are designed to withstand the process, it’s not going to be able to do that from now to Kingdom Come. That’s why you get frayed, broken or weak pipes.
  3. Noxious Gases: Even the word noxious already tells you that these gases are bad news. Given how noxious they are, it’s really an engineering feat for your exhaust system to be able to stand up against regular exposure to these fumes—for years. However, nothing lasts forever. Remnants of those gases will remain and accumulate over time, corroding your exhaust pipes and leaving you with internally damaged exhaust parts.


That’s where sealants come in. They make sure your exhaust parts can continue to withstand the heat, fumes, and debris. Don’t just grab any other kind of sealant you see at the hardware shop, though. Sealants used for automotive engines often have special requirements. High temp silicone sealant brands should work best. Don’t be tempted by generic brands offering the lowest prices. You might think you’re saving up only to get disappointed with how substandard the sealant turns out to be. Go for trusted brands. When it’s time to use your sealant for automotive repairs or to keep leaks from happening, you’ll know they’ll be able to stand to the test with better adhesion, longer performance and greater water and high-temp resistance. For a look at excellent sealant choices, browse through our products here.

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