Protecting Your Exhaust System Against Heat Damage

Heat damage can be one of the most persistent problems you’ll encounter with your exhaust system. With the amount of heat generated by your car’s internal combustion engines, exposure to high-level heat is an inevitable conclusion for most of your exhaust components.

So if you give your car a cursory inspection and see any rusty and weak parts-some might even already be frayed or broken-those are signs that your exhaust parts have been exposed to the heat a mite too long.


Escaping Gases

Your exhaust system fulfills one primary function: it keeps gases like carbon monoxide from getting into the car cabin, keeping you safe from noxious engine gases. Breathing in these gases can be fatal, so you can think of your exhaust system as a kind of safety feature. The cat-con, or catalytic converter, then does its job by burning off the toxins from the exhaust. After that, the fumes are released into the atmosphere through the pipes. When you’ve got leaks, though, caused by broken or frayed exhaust parts, that means your car won’t be as effective in safely routing away fumes from the cabin and processing the toxins out as it should. That could cause a wealth of health problems for you and everyone else in the vicinity, especially if your exhaust is spilling toxic fumes around, says How Stuff Works.

Excessive Noise

Another obvious sign of exhaust trouble is excessive noise. This can be the result of exhaust gases escaping through the leaks. Whether it’s a problem with your pipes, mufflers or cat-cons, among other parts, remains to be seen. Do an inspection to know what you’re dealing with. However, keep in mind that pipe damage from regular exposure to your engine’s noxious fumes aren’t easily detected, at least until the metal has already rotted away. That’s because one of the byproducts leftover from engine combustion is acidic moisture, which has pretty harmful effects on metal.

Amping Up Your Heat Protection

What you can do to prevent premature damage to your exhaust system components is to install heat retention products like an exhaust wrap or an exhaust heat shield is one way to solve the problem. By using shields, you can prolong the life expectancy of your exhaust system. A good one should last you about two to three years.

Shields are also quite easy to put in place so you wouldn’t have to lose sleep over installation woes. For more details about shields, wraps, and other heat retention products, pay us a visit here.

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